LOGO 005: Optical illusion style logo-mark that creates a 2D ‘Y’ shape from a reflected 3d ‘F’ shape.

LOGO 006: Simplified version of Logo 005, focus here is more about creating a simple, iconic shape.

LOGO 007: Earlier variation of logo 004, less movement with this one (more of a classical version).

LOGO 008: Attempt to create single shape from the 2 company initials. Bit of an awkward shape to work with

LOGO 009: Smoother, more organic, literal representation of logo 001/002. More obviously a heart.

LOGO 010: An experiment with an alternative ‘type only’ logo constructed of similar smooth cornered rectangles.

LOGO 011: Experiment with creating a more organic shape from the basic structure of a ‘y’ & an ‘f’.

Other logo options…

YOLO Fitness


YOLO Logo 002